Three keys to choosing your new mattress

We cannot live without sleep. And to sleep properly and get all the benefits of such a simple activity, it is essential to have the right equipment. With the best for you and your personal circumstances and needs.

Would you know how to choose the mattress that best suits you? In case you have doubts have arisen on some occasion we have prepared the explanation of the three most relevant factors that will influence your decision:

1. Do not precipitate

If there is something in your life that should be done meditatively is the choice of a mattress. Keep in mind that on your future mattress you will spend between 8 and 10 years sleeping. So it is very important to get the election right.

In this step you must also determine your budget, is it not worth investing in an element that implies so many positive things in our daily life and that has a direct impact on our health? We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping, and doing it correctly improves mood, reduces blood pressure and, in general, decreases the chances of suffering from certain diseases. You can also buy adjustable mattress.

2. Analyze your dream

We talk about your dream as a general concept. You must consider how you sleep or how you would like to do it from the purchase of your new mattress.

For example, it is possible that until the moment of purchase you have slept on a 135 cm wide mattress and want to take the step to a larger size to improve your comfort. In this sense, mattress technologies and materials also have a lot to say. Viscoelastic mattresses, for example, make a mold of the body and may not be ideal for those who tend to move a lot during the night.

3. Try it

We want you to try your mattress before buying it. It is the only way to know that you are going to take a mattress that you like and adapts to your needs.

In our configuration, you can follow a complete process to see which is the most suitable mattress for your personal circumstances, but when you know the name of the candidates it is necessary to go to a store to meet them personally. The seller will assume that you want to try and leave you a few moments at your leisure to get your personal conclusions.