What are a couple mattresses?

The couple mattress is a rest system that allows two people to sleep close but with sufficient separation to ensure a restful sleep. It consists of two individual mattresses. Both mattresses rest on the same bed frame, so that the feeling of closeness of sharing a bed with your partner continues to exist, but allowing each person to have a comfortable space for rest.

In this way, the twin mattress facilitates a restful sleep without hindering the other advantages of sharing a bed with your partner. You can enjoy all the benefits of a shared bed, such as the feeling of intimacy, physical contact and the signs of closeness and affection, without this entailing harm to your rest.

Why choose a couple mattresses?

Many people love to share the bed with their partner, but they do not agree on the ideal type of mattress for each one, it sinks perhaps too much to the middle or even the movements of the other person prevent them from resting properly. A twin mattress could be the solution for you. Keep reading to discover the advantages of the twin mattress.

Most people want to sleep with their partner. It is not surprising. Sharing a bed with the person you love creates a sense of intimacy and comfort that helps strengthen the bond of the couple. However, sincere love and a solid relationship have nothing to do with rest. Often, a part of the couple rests poorly because the other person moves a lot and can not find a way to be comfortable in the same bed. In other cases, it is as simple as one person is very corpulent and the other is quite the opposite, so it is difficult to find an ideal mattress for both. For some, the solution is separate beds, but others feel that it is a way to put barriers between them and the person they love and the lack of closeness and intimacy ends up resenting the couple. For those who want to enjoy a restful sleep without separating from their partner, the twin mattress is the ideal solution. Buy best mattress for couples with different weights now.